Media Offers

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Something will stick. With advertising banners at Cologne Bonn Airport you’ll attract attention to yourself, your brand name and your product and make a lasting impression.


Place your brand name at Cologne Bonn Airport. Every area, every open space can be used as an advertising medium.


In Terminal 2 and Car Park 2 our City Light Posters certainly attract attention. The advertising showcases are used from both sides.


The large-format back-lit showcases are mainly installed in the waiting areas and where there are a lot of visitors.


Let your customers get to know you and your product personally. We can give you the opportunity to carry out promotions at selected locations.

Floor space / Exhibits

You have big plans? Why not stage a grand show on the floor space in the two Terminals. Cars, yachts, dinosaurs: you’ll be surprised just what all fits in here.

Giant posters

You will make the big time – and with a brilliant idea, your message will stick in the viewers’ mind. Indoor or open air, car park or Check-In.

Digital Sites

Place your advertisement at our new spectacular, attention-grabbing “Video Wall” with 4K-technology.