Your benefits

Benefit from - the possibility of addressing attractive target groups

  • High contact figures with spend-happy target groups with above-average incomes
  • Business travellers and decision-makers who, due to their selective use of media, are difficult to reach via other media

Benefit from - the time the passengers have to wait for getting over your advertising message

  • Position your advertising messages in waiting areas
  • Intensive contact due to the guaranteed waiting situation at the Airport

Benefit from - the atmosphere of the Airport for your brand presence

  • A place charged with emotions due to welcomes and farewells, expectations and curiosity
  • Cities and adventure worlds can be created
  • Cosmopolitanism, internationality

Benefit from – the Airport’s location to position your business enterprise

  • Mobility hub in western Germany with an enormous catchment area
  • The region’s first and last flagship for your brands and products
  • Close to the city and only a short distance from the Köln Messe

Benefit from – our media offers for your creative ideas

  • High-class appeal of advertising media at highly frequented locations
  • Embedded in the modern and spacious architecture of the Airport
  • Target group-specific allocation of advertising media
  • Installation of customer-specific exhibits and advertising spaces