Successful advertising at Cologne Bonn Airport. In the high-quality surroundings of the Airport, your message will hit upon a spend-happy clientele. The flow of people at this transport hub means maximum contact opportunities and long stopover or waiting times guarantee a high level of attention.

Get more information on media and media data, on ideas and concepts for your advertising campaign at Cologne Bonn Airport. Please feel free to contact us.

We offer you:

  • Spend-happy target groups
  • Many contacts over a long stay
  • Exclusive mobility hub with a special atmosphere
  • Creative and innovative advertising concepts

Advertising Manager

Foto: Stephan Merkens

Stephan Merkens

Head of Airport Media


Foto: Sabrina Müller

Sabrina Müller

Senior Media Sales Manager

Foto: Silke Weiss

Silke Weiss

Media Sales Manager

Foto: Jil Friedrichs

Jil Friedrichs

Media Sales Manager

Routes to the Central ID Office

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